Is There a Relationship Between Lumbar Proprioception and Low Back Pain?

Authors Matthew Hoyan Tong, Seyed Javad Mousavi, Henri Kiers, Paulo Ferreira, Kathryn Refshauge, Jaap van Dieen
Published in Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Publication date 2017
Research groups Lifestyle and Health
Type Article


Objective: To systematically review the relationship between lumbar proprioception and low back pain (LBP). Data Sources: Four electronic databases (PubMed, EMBASE, CINAHL, SPORTDiscus) and reference lists of relevant articles were searched from inception to March-April 2014. Study Selection: Studies compared lumbar proprioception in patients with LBP with controls or prospectively evaluated the relationship between proprioception and LBP. Two reviewers independently screened articles and determined inclusion through consensus. Data Extraction: Data extraction and methodologic quality assessment were independently performed using standardized checklists

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Language English
Published in Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Year and volume 98 1
Page range 120-136