Learning to teach

Authors Tamar Tas, Thoni Houtveen, Wim van de Grift, Melissa Willemsen
Published in Studies in Educational Evaluation
Publication date 2018
Research groups Multilingualism and Education
Type Article


This article focuses on improving the instructional quality of student teachers in elementary education. We developed a coaching approach involving classroom observation and appropriate lesson preparation and feedback templates. Using an untreated control group design with pre-test and posttest (n = 198), we answered the question ‘whether student teachers who learned to teach with the new coaching approach achieved a higher level of pedagogical and didactical teaching skills compared to student teachers who did not receive this approach’. The effect variable used was the observation instrument ICALT. We compared the average scores of the control group and the experimental group on the posttest (ANCOVA). The differences found on the posttest, after controlling for the confounding variables, were significant on all ICALT scales. These effect sizes are medium on the scales; ‘Safe climate’ and ‘Clear instruction’ and large on the scales; ‘Classroom management’ ‘Activating pupils’ ‘Adaptive teaching’ and ‘Teaching learning strategies’.

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Language English
Published in Studies in Educational Evaluation
Key words student teachers, elementary education, instructional quality
Page range 8-16

Tamar Tas

Tamar Tas

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