Measurement of nurses’ attitudes and knowledge regarding acute care older patients

Authors Jeroen Dikken, Jita G. Hoogerduijn, Mary D. Lagerwey, Lillie M. Shortridge-Baggett, Sharon Klaassen, Marieke Schuurmans
Published in Geriatric Nursing
Publication date 2017
Type Article


In clinical practice, identifying positive and negative attitudes toward older patients is very important to improve quality of care provided to them. The Older People in Acute Care Survey – United States (OPACS-US) is an instrument measuring hospital nurses attitudes regarding older patients. However, psychometrics have never been assessed. Furthermore, knowledge being related to attitude and behavior should also be measured complementing the OPACS-US. The purpose of this study was to assess structural validity and reliability of the OPACS-US and assess whether the OPACS-US can be complemented with the Knowledge about Older Patients-Quiz (KOP-Q). A multicenter cross sectional design was conducted. Registered nurses (n = 130, mean age 39,9 years; working experience 14,6 years) working in four general hospitals were included in the study. Nurses completed the OPACS-US section A: practice experiences, B: general opinion and the KOP-Q online. Findings demonstrated that the OPACS-US is a valid and reliable survey instrument that measures practice experiences and general opinion. Furthermore, the OPACS-US can be combined with the KOP-Q adding a knowledge construct, and is ready for use within education and/or quality improvement programs in the USA.

Language English
Published in Geriatric Nursing
Year and volume 38 5
Key words attitude, knowledge, nurses, older patients
Page range 393-397