Mediating in Hierarchical workplace conflicts

Authors Meriem Kalter
Publication date 2020
Type Doctoral Thesis


Mediators generally find mediation of hierarchical workplace conflicts difficult, as it often involves structural power imbalances. This dissertation seeks to increase knowledge of how hierarchical conflict affects how parties and mediators perceive mediation across dyads and across time. Three questions are central to this: (a) How effective in the long-term is the mediation of hierarchical workplace conflicts? (b) How does perceived situational power in supervisor-subordinate dyads relate to mediation effectiveness? (c) Do supervisors and subordinates differ in their emotional experiences during mediation, and are mediators able to perceive these emotions accurately? To answer these questions, we rely on the literature on power, emotions, mediation, and conflict management. We introduce our research via a heuristic model (chapter one). We then present our quantitative empirical research in three chapters based on survey data we collected from supervisors, subordinates, and

Language English
Key words mediation, workconflicts