Method for Business Process Management System Selection

Authors Thijs van de Westelaken, Bas Terwee, Pascal Ravesteijn
Published in Conference papers
Publication date 2013
Type Lecture


In recent years business process management (BPM) and specifically information systems that support the analysis, design and execution of processes (also called business process management systems (BPMS)) are getting more attention. This has lead to an increase in research on BPM and BPMS. However the research on BPMS is mostly focused on the architecture of the system and how to implement such systems. How to select a BPM system that fits the strategy and goals of a specific organization is largely ignored. In this paper we present a BPMS selection method, which is based on research into the criteria that are important for organizations, which are going to implement a BPMS.

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  • Pascal Ravesteijn | Professor | Process innovation and information systems
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Published in Conference papers