Multiagent-based agile manufacturing: from user requirements to product

Authors John-Jules Meyer , Daniël Telgen , Leo van Moergestel , Erik Puik
Published in Proceedings
Publication date 2013
Research groups Microsystems Technology
Type Lecture


Author supplied: The production system described in this paper in an implementation of an agile agent-based production system. This system is designed to meet the requirements of modern production, where short time to market, requirementdriven production and low cost small quantity production are important issues. The production is done on special devices called equiplets. A grid of these equiplets connected by a fast network is capable of producing a variety of different products in parallel. The multi-agent-based software infrastructure is responsible for the agile manufacturing. A product agent is responsible for the production of a single product and equiplet agents will perform the production steps to assemble the product. This paper describes this multiagent-based production system with the focus on the product agent. Presented at EUMAS 2013 ( 11th European Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems) , At Toulouse.


  • Erik Puik
    Erik Puik
    • Professor
    • Research groups: Microsystems Technology

Language English
Published in Proceedings
Key words agent technology

Microsystems Technology