New voices in social work: an explorative study of female Turkish and Moroccan-Dutch professionals in social work in the Netherlands

Authors Peter Hendriks, Hans van Ewijk, Gerty Lensvelt-Mulders
Published in Social Work Education, the international journal.
Publication date 1 January 2015
Research groups Living and Wellbeing
Type Article


In social work, the participation of Turkish and Moroccan-Dutch professionals, second and third generation migrant women from a Muslim background, is increasing. In this participative qualitative inquiry, new professionals were actively involved as co-researchers, doing research with peers from the same background. The question addressed is how these professionals deal with identity tensions and if they find positive sources of identification in social work. The new professionals claim a positive identity, connected to what they consider their strength and in particular their faith and ‘otherness’. At the same time, this increases their vulnerability, in a context in which Islam by some is considered a threat to society. The importance of a supportive professional social work identity is advocated

Language English
Published in Social Work Education, the international journal.
Year and volume 2015 vol 34 issue 8
Key words participation, Migrant women
Page range 1005-1020

Living and Wellbeing