Optimizing perioperative physical therapy care in major elective surgery to improve surgical outcome in high-risk patients: the Better in, Better out™ concept.

Authors Bart C. Bongers, Jaap Dronkers, Erik H.J. Hulzebos, Thomas J. Hoogeboom, Wolfgang F. Buhre, Nico L.U. Meeteren
Published in Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Anesthesiologie
Publication date 2016
Research groups Innovation of Movement Care
Type Article


Frail elderly patients undergoing major surgery experience a decrease of physical capacity due to their hospital stay and surgery. This affects the risk of postoperative complications and their performance of activities, independence and participation.The Better in, Better out™ (BiBo™) strategy was developed to reduce these risks through the optimization and professionalization of perioperative hospital care in a physically activating context

Language English
Published in Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Anesthesiologie
Year and volume 29 6
Key words preoperatieve fase, fysiotherapie, anesthesiologie
Page range 134-139

Innovation of Movement Care