Optimizing perioperative physical therapy care in major elective surgery to improve surgical outcome in high-risk patients: the Better in, Better out™ concept.

Authors Bart C. Bongers , Jaap Dronkers , Erik H.J. Hulzebos , Thomas J. Hoogeboom , Wolfgang F. Buhre , Nico L.U. Meeteren
Published in Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Anesthesiologie
Publication date 2016
Research groups Innovation of Movement Care
Type Article


Frail elderly patients undergoing major surgery experience a decrease of physical capacity due to their hospital stay and surgery. This affects the risk of postoperative complications and their performance of activities, independence and participation.The Better in, Better out™ (BiBo™) strategy was developed to reduce these risks through the optimization and professionalization of perioperative hospital care in a physically activating context

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  • Jaap Dronkers PhD | Researcher | Research group Innovation of Movement Care
    Jaap Dronkers
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Language English
Published in Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Anesthesiologie
Year and volume 29 6
Key words preoperatieve fase, fysiotherapie, anesthesiologie
Page range 134-139

Innovation of Movement Care