Optimizing Product Paths in a Production Grid

Authors Leo van Moergestel, John-Jules Meyer, Daniël Telgen, Erik Puik
Published in Proceedings
Publication date 11 October 2015
Research groups Smart Systems for Healthy Living
Type Lecture


Author supplied: In a production environment where different products are being made in parallel, the path planning for every product can be different. The model proposed in this paper is based on a production environment where the production machines are placed in a grid. A software entity, called product agent, is responsible for the manufacturing of a single product. The product agent will plan a path along the production machines needed for that specific product. In this paper, an optimization is proposed that will reduce the amount of transport between the production machines. The effect of two factors that influence the possibilities for reductions is shown in a simulation, using the proposed optimization scheme. These two factors are the redundancy of production steps in the grid and the

Language English
Published in Proceedings
Key words Multiagent-based manufacturing, production path planning
Page range 150-156

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