Perspectives on global nursing leadership

Authors E.B. Buckner, D.J. Anderson, N. Garzon, Thóra Hafsteinsdóttir, C.K.Y. Lai, R. Roshan
Published in International Nursing Review
Publication date 2014
Type Article


Nursing leaders from six countries engaged in a year-long discussion on global leadership development. The purpose of these dialogues was to strengthen individual and collective capacity as nursing leaders in a global society. Field experiences in practice and education were shared. Perspectives on global leadership can strengthen nurses' contributions to practice, workplace and policy issues worldwide. Transformational leadership empowers nurses' increasing confidence. Mentoring is needed to stimulate leadership development but this is lacking in many settings where nurses practice, teach and influence policy. Organizations with global mission provide opportunity for nurses' professional growth in leadership through international dialogues. Dialogues among participants were held monthly by conference calls or videoconferences. Example stories from each participant illustrated nursing leadership in action. From these exemplars, concepts were chosen to create a framework. Emerging perspectives and leadership themes represented all contexts of practice, education, research and policy. The cultural context of each country was reflected in the examples.

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Language English
Published in International Nursing Review
Year and volume 61 4
Key words verpleegkundig leiderschap, interculturele communicatie, internationale verpleegkunde
Page range 463-471