PhD Research Proposal: How does Socratic Dialogue as developed by Nelson and Heckmann influence the reflective skills in student teachers?

Authors D. Knezic
Published in Jaarboek 2005 Lectoraat Vernieuwende Opleidingsmethodiek en -didactiek
Publication date 2005
Type Book


I intend to do an action research on how I can improve educating teachers by means of training them in reflective skills through Socratic Dialogue. In order to be able to meet demands posed to student teachers by the recently introduced changes in higher professional education in the Netherlands and also the didactics of new learning introduced at junior vocational education, they need to develop into Self-Directed Learners. We should help them equip themselves with more than just the necessary reflective skills. We should induce and facilitate the birth of genuine need to reflect. They should leave this education able to make justified choices for learning in their professional careers. And they should leave with a genuine curiosity and interest in other ways of thinking than their own. Having realized the importance and value of an open dialogue they will become self-conscious thinkers and practitioners who know how to learn to look and wonder about what they see. In the present situation, the students are asked to reflect on all sorts of items and situations connected with their study career and their school practice. Various models are offered to them (Korthagen, Hendriksen) in the hope that by reflecting, they will learn how to reflect. And they certainly do, to a certain extent. But what this extent is and how long it will be perpetrated after they leave the school is less certain. But the genuine need to reflect remains untouched upon. This can be done by means of training in Socratic Dialogue and training in facilitating one.

Language English
Published in Jaarboek 2005 Lectoraat Vernieuwende Opleidingsmethodiek en -didactiek