Picturing probation

Authors Anne Worrall , Andrea Donker , Ines Sucic , Nicola Carr , Gwen Robinson , Jacqueline Bosker , Aline Bauwens
Published in European Journal of Probation
Publication date 2015
Research groups Knowledge Analysis Societal Security, Working with Mandated Clients
Type Article


This article reports on the application of a visual method in a small-scale comparative study. Practitioners in five European countries participated and took photographs of the places and spaces where offender supervision occurs. Source: Queen's University Belfast Research Portal.


  • Andrea Donker | Professor | Knowledge analysis societal security
    Andrea Donker
    • Professor
    • Research groups: Knowledge Analysis Societal Security
  • Jacqueline Bosker | Professor | Working with Mandated Clients
    Jacqueline Bosker
    • Professor
    • Research groups: Working with Mandated Clients

Language English
Published in European Journal of Probation
Year and volume 7 3
Key words toezicht wetsovertreders, vrijheidsbeperkende sancties
Page range 179-200

Knowledge analysis societal security