Practising offender supervision: The Netherlands

Authors Andrea Donker, Jacqueline Bosker
Publication date 2012
Research groups Working with Mandated Clients
Type Report


Review in het kader van COST Action IS1106 Working group 3 In the review below, we summarize resent empirical research about practising offender supervision in The Netherlands on six theme’s: 1. The roles, characteristics, recruitment and training of key actors in the delivery of offender supervision. 2. Interactions and relationships between key actors in the delivery of offender supervision and other relevant professionals. 3. The delivery/practice/performance of offender supervision. 4. The role of tools and technologies in the delivery of OS. 5. The management, supervision and/or regulation of practitioners and their practice. 6. Reflections / contextual issues Ongoing research is discussed in the descriptions of the different theme’s. We conclude with a short reflection about research on practising supervision in the Netherlands. The review is limited to studies about adults. Studies on community sentences have not yet been addressed, we will do this in the next version.

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Andrea Donker

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Andrea Donker

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