Project Management 2027; The Future of Project Management

Authors Drs. A.J.G. Silvius
Publication date 2008
Type Lecture


This paper describes a study into the expected development of the competences op the project manager in the year 2027. The study was performed amongst the members of IPMA-Netherlands during the summer of 2007. In the study the 46 competences of the International Competence Baseline 3 (ICB 3) were tested against the expectations of the respondents for the development of project management. Based on four scenarios for the future of Europe, the members indicated which of the competences are expected to become more important, equally important or less important than today. The aim of the study was to provide insight in the expected future development of the project management competences. This goal is relevant for both practitioners and educators. The conclusions are that the study shows indications that project management is developing from an ‘occupation’ into a true ‘profession’. Part of this development is a broader orientation of the project manager in which especially the competences related to the relationship of the project with its environment grow strongly in importance.

Language English