Quality of SME Business Transfers Matching Platforms: Research Outcomes of 12 European Countries

Authors Oriol Alba, Edwin Weesie, Marie Depelssemaker, Lex van Teeffelen, Nicolas Pirotte
Publication date 15 June 2016
Type Report


From the preface : The European Commission supports Member States by providing them with recommendations, guidelines, information and good practices. For years, the European Commission has stimulated Member States to develop matching platforms to efficiently support sellers and buyers of SMEs in ownership change. A matching platform is a valuable link in the sale/acquisition chain of SMEs. Over the ten past years, not only the European Commission has been pointing out the essential role played by platforms. In many Member States matching platforms started or matured, either in the public sector, by private organizations or both (semi-public). Matching platforms are mentioned in all the EU business transfer reference documents and more particularly in the Small Business Act and its Review in 2011, the 2006 Communication, the 2013 Expert Group on SME Transfers and the recent Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan. Special attention is devoted to the important challenge of efficient matching platforms in Europe. As observed in the latest (2013) EU Expert Group on Business Transfers:  There is no development in the type of matching platforms recommended by the 2006 Expert Group.  The “landscape” of matching platforms in Europe has changed over the past 10 years, with, among others, the co-existence of private on-line platforms alongside the public platforms.  There is a need for an update in quality standards and for the consultation of matching platforms themselves in order to understand their working and identify good practices.

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Key words smes, small businesses, business transfers