Reclaiming the body and restoring a bodily self in drama therapy: A case study of sensory-focused Trauma- Centred Developmental Transformations for survivors of father–daughter incest

Authors Marc Willemsen
Published in Drama Therapy Review
Publication date 2020
Research groups Youth
Type Article


Survivors of father–daughter incest often suffer from complex trauma and sensory insensitivity, making it difficult to decipher the sensations in the body and experience body ownership, self-location and agency. This case study illustrates how sensory focused, Trauma-Centred Developmental Transformations can help restore or develop a bodily self, desensitize fear-based schemas, revise deeply buried beliefs and extend repertoire.

Language English
Published in Drama Therapy Review
Year and volume 6 2
Key words adult mental health, father–daughter incest survivor, complex trauma, bodily self, drama therapy, Developmental Transformations (DvT)
Digital Object Identifier 10.1386/dtr_00028_1
Page range 203-219