Recognizing Resillience: Development and Validation of an Instrument to Recognize Resilience in Dutch Middle-Adolescents.

Authors Drs. M.E.M. Enthoven, Prof. A.C. Bouwer, Dr. A. van Peet, Prof. J.C. van der Wolf
Publication date 2005
Type Report


This paper presents the development and construct validation of an instrument for identification of resilient and less-resilient middle adolescents in high school. Purpose of this identification is a qualitative in-depth interview study of perceptions of resilient and less resilient middle-adolescents on their school environment. The qualitative study will function as examination of contentvalidity of the presented instrument. A 33-item Resilient Behavior Questionnaire (VVL) and a 105-item personality questionnaire NPV-J (Dutch Personality Questionnaire- Youngsters) were administered to a sample of 400 middle adolescent high school students (age range 14-16). It was hypothesized that scores on specific components in the VVL would correlate highly with relevant factors of personality in the NPV-J. Principal Component Analysis and Correlation Analysis served as methods of investigation. Results of the quantitative study reveal three components in the VVL and a high correlation between the scores on these components and the resilient personality factor perseverance and non-resilient factor inadequacy in the NPV-J. Discussion focuses on explanation of the results and implications for further development of the VVL.

Language English
Key words Resilience, Identification instrument, Adolescents, High-school