Remote Telecare in an Aging Dutch Sample: Critical Factors Predicting Their Intention to Use

Authors Angelo Antonietti, Ansam Barakat, Thijs van Houwelingen, Helianthe Kort
Published in Assistive Technology Research Series
Publication date 2013
Type Book


eHealth technology and remote telecare (RT) in particular have proven benefits for older adults who want to age-in-place. Although, RT is not fully adopted on a large scale by the Dutch senior population. This empirical study aims to predict the willingness to use RT by Dutch seniors with computer experience by means of a web based questionnaire. Demographic variables, experience with computers and other technology and expectations of RT are the input for the predictive regression model. Findings from the analysis (n=166) suggest that expected enhancement of motivation for self-care, expected usability, level of support needed and level of education are the main predictors for seniors' willingness to use RT. The found predictors will be used to construct a pilot course for seniors to introduce RT and exploring facilitating conditions that might contribute to a successful adoption.

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Language English
Published in Assistive Technology Research Series
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