Research Methods for Understanding Participatory Innovation in SME

Authors Christine De Lille, Mark Asboe
Published in Proceedings PINC 2011, edited by Jacob Buur
Publication date 1 January 2011
Research groups Co-design
Type Lecture


From the article : "In this paper the implications of different research approaches and methods are illustrated by using two projects of the authors. Both projects take place in the same context: exploring participatory innovation within Small-to-Medium sized Enterprizes (SMEs). The main aspects coming forward when comparing the research characteristics of both projects are the importance of time and momentum, the structural set up of the project, people or participants and the abilities of the people involved. The research goal and the background of the researcher are main determinants for the chosen research methods. We hope with this paper to make researchers aware of the implications of the research methods and approach on the results of the project."

Language English
Published in Proceedings PINC 2011, edited by Jacob Buur
ISBN/ISSN URN:ISBN:978-87-991686-9-9
Key words Participatory innovation, Small-to-Medium sized Enterprizes
Page range 223-229