Self-infusion of prophylaxis: evaluating the quality of its performance and time needed

Authors J. Lock, M.H. Cnossen, M. Beijlevelt-van der Zande, Marieke J Schuurmans, M. Peters, L.H. Schrijvers, K. Fischer
Published in Haemophilia
Publication date 2016
Type Article


Prophylactic replacement therapy is the cornerstone of treatment in severe haemophilia. Regular infusions with clotting factor concentrate have been proven effective to prevent bleeding, subsequent (joint) damage, and positively affect the impact of haemophilia on daily life [1]. Patients or parents of younger patients learn to infuse clotting factor concentrate in a peripheral vein (i.v.) or a central venous access device (CVAD) [2].

Language English
Published in Haemophilia
Year and volume 22 3
Page range e214-e217