Setting the research agenda for governmental communication

Authors M. Vos
Published in Journal of Communication Management
Publication date 2006
Type Article


The Research Group for Governmental Communication has carried out a trend study of governmental communication within The Netherlands (1). Research topics were: the major tasks for communication, current issues, profiling the communication department, and policy plans for communication. Another study focused on quality control as a management function for the communication department (2). A tool was developed to measure the communication quality of governmental organisations. Looking back on the results of both studies we asked ourselves the question: How can the academic field pursue the research of communication practice in governmental organisations and then support this field with results? The article focuses on governmental communication in The Netherlands, but the results might also be interesting for researchers and communication experts in governmental communication in other countries. The author argues that the priorities in the research agenda within the field of governmental communication should include: monitoring methods, quality control and accountability.

Language English
Published in Journal of Communication Management
Year and volume 10 3
Page range 250-258