Shooting from the Trenches. On the Impossibility and Inability to think about the War

Authors Chris van der Heijden
Published in BMGN - Low Countries Historical Review
Publication date 2013
Type Article


In this essay Chris van der Heijden (Dat nooit meer [Never Again]) answers his critics. He accepts in general what Bob Moore says, although his criticism is rather abstract. He does agree partly with Koes Aerts, but not on some crucial points – for example the method. Van der Heijden doesn’t agree at all with Wielenga, not so much because of arguments but exactly because of the lack of it. In the debate with Wielenga, he contends, the trench warfare, which is going on since almost ten years, simply goes on. According to Van der Heijden it leads to nothing.

Language English
Published in BMGN - Low Countries Historical Review
Year and volume 128 2
Page range 100-108