Sign language interpreting education

Authors Annemiek Hammer, Beppie van den Bogaerde
Published in Dialogue Interpreting: A trainer’s handbook
Publication date 2017
Type Book


We present a description of our didactic approach to train undergraduate sign language interpreters on their interpersonal and reflective skills. Based pre-dominantly on the theory of role-space by Llewellyn-Jones and Lee (2014), we argue that dialogue settings require a dynamic role of the interpreter in which s/he constantly makes choices based on contextual, interpesonal skills (IPS) is essential to improve the interpreter's behaviour. We developed several courses of Interpreting Skills (INS) offered during a four-year tertiary education programme, based on the concepts of competency-based learning and teaching. We provide a short description of one in particular, INS7, and give some examples of practice (role-play) and (sef) assessment.


Language English
Published in Dialogue Interpreting: A trainer’s handbook
ISBN/ISSN URN:ISBN:9789027258854
Page range 64-81

Annemiek Hammer