Smart sustainable cities

Authors Martijn Rietbergen, Evert-Jan Velzing, Rien van Stigt
Publication date 30 September 2021
Type Book


Urban regions are confronted with huge sustainability challenges. Their future depends to a large extent on our ability to promote sustainable urban development. However, sustainability challenges in cities are inherently complex and need integrated, multidisciplinary solutions. This textbook on Smart Sustainable Cities responds to that challenge by capturing theories, methods and tools relevant for researching smart sustainable cities and developing solutions for sustainability challenges within cities. This book thereby serves the great need among students and practitioners to understand the multifaceted nature of Smart Sustainable Cities, to build upon acknowledged cross-disciplinary analytical and design approaches, and to learn how to apply such approaches. Each chapter presents a practical approach to urban sustainability, a relevant case study, and exercises and assignments for students to master the topic. Topics include: Smart Sustainable Cities: an introduction; Systemic Design Thinking; Probing the Future for Smart Sustainable Cities; Social Design of Smart Sustainable Cities; Urban Psychology of Smart Sustainable Cities; Behavioural Change for Smart Sustainable Cities; Healthy Urban Living; Towards Energy Neutral Neighbourhoods; Carbon Footprinting and Accounting; Circular Economy: material and value flows in the city; Promoting Sustainable Urban Mobility; Canvas Business Modelling; Big Data Analytics; Social Value Innovation: from concept to practice.

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Language English
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Key words Smart sustainable cities

Martijn Rietbergen