Speech privacy in multiple-bed patient rooms

Authors Jikke Reinten , Ella Braat-Eggen , Ronald Zuydervliet , Marten Valk , Quirijn de Mast
Publication date 2017
Type Lecture


While research has shown the multiple benefits of single-bed patient rooms in hospitals, amongst which the experience of privacy and dignity, the majority of patient rooms in existing hospitals are shared. Transforming them into single-patient rooms can be time-consuming, costly or even impossible, which motivates this study looking into privacy in multiple-patient rooms. To share a hospital room, means to share sensitive information with total strangers. This may cause uncomfortable situations for both patients. Furthermore, the awareness of other ears in the room can withhold some patients from sharing important information during daily ward rounds The aim of this study was to investigate the acoustic effect and the acceptance of an adjustable sound masking system in a 4-bed patient room. The objective of the system is that when a doctor shares personal information with one patient, the other patients in the room are not able to understand the conversation.

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  • Jikke Reinten
    • Researcher
    • Research groups: Technology for Healthcare Innovations

Language English
ISBN/ISSN URN:ISBN:978-83-7947-232-1
Key words akoestiek, geluidsniveau, ziekenhuizen

Jikke Reinten

Jikke Reinten

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Technology for Healthcare Innovations