Strategies and tactics in Skyrim through virtual reality

Authors Bjorn Beijnon
Published in International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media
Publication date 30 September 2019
Type Article


This article is about the Virtual Reality-Head Mounted Display (VR-HMD) as a model for contemporary ways of disciplining. The VR-HMD makes the observer discipline herself through the triggering of performance. Through specific strategies the VR-HMD addresses the body of the observer to perform in the mixed reality that is constructed in the interaction between the body and the VR-HMD. These strategies consist of approaches by the hardware developers and content creators to manage the subjectivity and visuality of the observer. Today’s body is not disciplined through formatted technics of the VR-HMD, but through self-disciplining of the observer’s active performance. This article will unravel the strategies within the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR on the Playstation VR that are used to control the visuality and subjectivity. Through her interaction in the game the observer also becomes aware of her body and the ways that it is disciplined in. In the end, this article will argue that the VR-HMD should not only be understood as a strategic device that can discipline a neoliberal subject, but that the VR-HMD is a supercomplex intervention that could help us to become more corporeal literate of our bodies in the age of digital media.

Language English
Published in International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media
Year and volume 16 1
Key words VR-HMD, self-discipline, performance, supercomplex interventions, corporeal literacy
Digital Object Identifier 10.1080/14794713.2019.1671695
Page range 18-36