Sustainability in the Business Case

Authors Ron Schipper, Gilbert Silvius
Published in Conference proceedings
Publication date 2012
Type Lecture


This paper explores the integration of indicators that reflect the concepts of sustainability into business cases and business case evaluation methods. It is based on the observations that sustainability is one of the most important challenges of our time and that sustainable development requires change of the way we use resources, produce products, share our wealth, and so on. And as change is inescapably related to innovation and projects, sustainable development is related to projects. Business cases of projects should therefore reflect this relationship and include criteria for the assessment of sustainability aspects. Based on an identification of business case evaluation methods, and an overview of frameworks for sustainability indicators, an analysis is made of the inclusion of the indicators and principles of sustainability in business cases and business case evaluation methods. The analysis will conclude that the integration sustainability considerations into business cases of projects, is more than a set of additional criteria to be considered. Integration of sustainability considerations suggests a more holistic and elaborated perspective on business case evaluation than the Return on Investment question, that is dominating business cases and business case evaluation today.

Language English
Published in Conference proceedings