Take It Slow!

Authors Sander Hermsen, Roel C.J. Hermans
Published in Conference Proceedings
Publication date 2016
Research groups Communication in Digital Transition
Type Lecture


Reductions in eating rate have been recommended as potential behavioral strategies to prevent and treat overweight. Unfortunately, eating rate is difficult to modify, due to its highly automatic nature. Training people to eat more slowly in everyday eating contexts, therefore, requires creative and engaging solutions. The present study examines the efficacy of a smart fork that helps people to eat more slowly. This adapted fork records eating speed and delivers vibrotactile feedback if users eat too quickly. In two studies, we tested the acceptability and user experience of the fork (Study 1), and its effect on eating rate and satiety levels in a controlled lab-setting (Study 2).

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Language English
Published in Conference Proceedings
Key words behaviour change, persuasive by design, eating behaviour

Sander Hermsen