Teachers' knowledge about language in mathematics professional development courses

Authors Maaike Hajer, Eva Norén
Published in Eurasia Journal of Mathematics Science and Technology Education
Publication date 2017
Research groups Multilingualism and Education
Type Article


Explicit language objectives are included in the Swedish national curriculum for mathematics. The curriculum states that students should be given opportunities to develop the ability to formulate problems, use and analyse mathematical concepts and relationships between concepts, show and follow mathematical reasoning, and use mathematical expressions in discussions. Teachers’ competence forms a crucial link to bring an intended curriculum to a curriculum in action. This article investigates a professional development program, ‘Language in Mathematics’, within a national program for mathematics teachers in Sweden that aims at implementing the national curriculum into practice. Two specific aspects are examined: the selection of theoretical notions on language and mathematics and the choice of activities to relate selected theory to practice. From this examination, research on teacher learning in connection to professional development is proposed, which can contribute to a better understanding of teachers’ interpretation of integrated approaches to language and mathematics across national contexts.

Language English
Published in Eurasia Journal of Mathematics Science and Technology Education
Year and volume 13 7
Key words content and language integrated learning, curriculum implementation, knowledge about language, mathematics teachers, pedagogical content knowledge, professional development
Page range 4087-4114