Technology-based healthcare for nursing education within the Netherlands: Past, present and future

Authors Ybranda Koster, Thijs van Houwelingen
Publication date 2017
Research groups Technology for Healthcare Innovations
Type Lecture


At the present time, nearly all Dutch nursing schools are searching for suitable ways to implement technology-based healthcare in their curriculum. Some Universities chose elective education, others a mandatory solution. Several studies were executed to determine competencies needed by nurses in order to work with technology-based healthcare. In 2016 a nationwide new curriculum for nurses has been published. Providing technology-based healthcare is included under the core competencies of this new curriculum. All baccalaureate nursing educational institutes must implement this new curriculum at the start of 2016 which will have a huge impact on the implementation of technology-based healthcare in the education programs. In the future, technology centers from Universities will collaborate and specialize, partner with technology companies and crossovers between information and communication technology and healthcare education will be expanded.

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Language English
Key words verpleegkunde, onderwijs, technologie
Page range 101-110

Technology for Healthcare Innovations