The Assembly and Disassembly Process Guided by Software Agents

Authors Erik Puik, Leo van Moergestel, Daniël Telgen, John-Jules Meyer
Published in Proceedings
Publication date 12 April 2015
Research groups Smart Systems for Healthy Living
Type Lecture


Author supplied: A manufacturing process can be described by a sequence or combination of production steps. Based on this approach a manufacturing system has been developed that is capable to produce several different products in parallel. A batch size of one unit is possible and the production is pull-driven. The manufacturing system is based on agent technology and a special so-called product agent collects information about the assembly process. This agent will be connected to the actual product and can guide the disassembly process at the end of the products life. The agent will show the inverse steps to be taken to take a product apart. This approach can be used in the agent based manufacturing process described in this paper but the concept can also be used for other manufacturing systems. The paper discusses the possibilities as well as the restrictions of the method proposed here.

Language English
Published in Proceedings
Key words Agent-based grid manufacturing

Erik Puik