The Influence of Hybrid Working in the Context of Agile Software Development within the Dutch Financial Sector

Authors Joris Zomerdijk, Pascal Ravesteijn, Benny de Waal
Published in Communications of the IIMA
Publication date 23 October 2023
Research groups Process Innovation and Information Systems
Type Lecture


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated remote working and working at the office. This hybrid working is an indispensable part of today's life even within Agile Software Development (ASD) teams. Before COVID-19 ASD teams were working closely together in an Agile way at the office. The Agile Manifesto describes 12 principles to make agile working successful. These principles are about working closely together, face-to-face contact and continuously responding to changes. To what extent does hybrid working influence these agile principles that have been indispensable in today's software development since its creation in 2001? Based on a quantitative study within 22 Dutch financial institutions and 106 respondents, the relationship between hybrid working and ASD is investigated. The results of this research show that human factors, such as team spirit, feeling responsible and the ability to learn from each other, are the most decisive for the success of ASD. In addition, the research shows that hybrid working creates a distance between the business organization and the IT department. The findings are valuable for Managers, HR professionals and employees working in the field of ASD as emphasizing and fostering Team Spirit, Learning Ability, and a Sense of Responsibility among team members can bolster the Speed of ASD.

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Language English
Published in Communications of the IIMA
Key words Agile Software Development, Hybrid Working, Agile success
Digital Object Identifier 10.58729/1941-6687.1448
Page range 123-140

Process Innovation and Information Systems