The talent organization: a contextual analyses of universities in the Netherlands using a multi perspective approach

Authors Dr. Ben Fruytier, Marian Thunnissen, Paul Boselie
Publication date 2013
Type Lecture


The aim of the paper is a contextual analysis of universities in the Netherlands: an analysis of the key issues and external developments, and how they affect the academic organization, the organization of academic work and the characteristics and preferences of scientists. Subsequently, we will discuss effects of these developments on the HRM system and policy (and in specific the management of talent or excellence). We will use multiple theoretical frameworks and perspectives grounded in organizational theory to describe Dutch universities and their context: structural frame, professional frame, cultural frame and political frame. Most literature discusses one aspect of the academic organization: education or research aspect, HRM aspect, financial aspect et cetera. Seldom the different aspects have been presented as one integrated entity. We want to show that using multiple frames or lenses will lead to an integrated, enriched and more balanced view of a situation.

Language English