Time Use of Stroke Patients with Stroke Admitted for Rehabilitation in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Authors Chantal Vermeulen , Bianca Buijck , John van der Stegen , Monica Spruit-van Eijk , Raymond Koopmans , Thóra Hafsteinsdóttir
Published in Rehabilitation Nursing Journal
Publication date 2013
Research groups Chronic Diseases
Type Article


To describe the time use of patients with stroke in five Skilled Nurs- ing Facilities (SNFs) in the Netherlands, focusing on the time spent on thera- peutic activities, nontherapeutic activities, interaction with others, and the location where the activities took place. Evidence suggest that task-oriented interventions are the most effective for patients with stroke and that some of these interventions are relevant and feasi- ble for use by nurses.The question arises to what extent elderly patients who had a stroke and rehabilitate in a SNF receive therapeutic training and engage in therapeutic activities.


Language English
Published in Rehabilitation Nursing Journal
Year and volume 38 6
Key words beroerte, verpleegkunde, revalidatie
Page range 297-305

Chronic Diseases