To have voice and choice

Authors Dr Hans van Ewijk, Drs Peter Hendriks
Published in International Social Work
Publication date 4 July 2016
Research groups Living and Wellbeing
Type Article


Social work in the Netherlands is attracting an increasing number of Turkish and Moroccan Dutch professionals, mostly second-generation migrant women from a Muslim background. Inspired by Amartya Sen’s capability approach, this article presents the findings of a qualitative content analysis of 40 interviews with professionals by peers from the same background. The question is, what kind of professionals do these newly started social workers desire to be and what hindrances do they encounter? The professionals challenge the dominance of Western beliefs and values. This becomes tangible in their desires and constraints and especially in the process of choice.

Language English
Published in International Social Work
Key words Capability approach, freedom of choice, Islam, social work identity, social work values
Page range 1-13

Living and Wellbeing