Unravelling complex primary-care programs to maintain independent living in older people

Authors Linda Smit , Marieke Schuurmans , Jeanet W. Blom , Isabelle N. Fabbricotti , Aaltje P.D. Jansen , Gertrudis I.J.M. Kempen , Raymond Koopmans , Willemijn M. Looman , René J.F. Melis , Dr. S.F. Metzelthin , Eric P. Moll van Charante , Maaike Muntinga , Franca G.H. Ruikes , Sophie L.W. Spoorenberg , Jacqueline J. Suijker , Klaske Wynia , Jacobijn Gussekloo , Niek J. de Wit , Nienke Bleijenberg
Published in Journal of Clinical Epidemiology
Publication date April 2018
Research groups Chronic Diseases
Type Article


Complex interventions are criticized for being a “black box”, which makes it difficult to determine why they succeed or fail. Recently, nine proactive primary-care programs aiming to prevent functional decline in older adults showed inconclusive effects. The aim of this study was to systematically unravel, compare, and synthesize the development and evaluation of nine primary-care programs within a controlled trial to further improve the development and evaluation of complex interventions. A systematic overview of all written data on the nine proactive primary-care programs was conducted using a validated item list.


Language English
Published in Journal of Clinical Epidemiology
Key words complexe interventies, verpleegkunde, beroepsontwikkeling
Page range 110-119

Linda Smit

Linda Smit | Researcher | Research group Chronic Diseases

Linda Smit

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  • Research group: Chronic Diseases