Using feedback through digital technology to disrupt and change habitual behavior

Authors Sander Hermsen, Jeana Frost, Rient-Jan Renes, Peter Kerkhof
Published in Computers in Human Behavior
Publication date 2016
Research groups Communication in Digital Transition
Type Article


Habitual behavior is often hard to change because of a lack of self-monitoring skills. Digital technologies offer an unprecedented chance to facilitate self-monitoring by delivering feedback on undesired habitual behavior. This review analyzed the results of 72 studies in which feedback from digital technology attempted to disrupt and change undesired habits. A vast majority of these studies found that feedback through digital technology is an effective way to disrupt habits, regardless of target behavior or feedback technology used.

Language English
Published in Computers in Human Behavior
Year and volume 2016 57
Key words feedback, behaviour change, digital technology
Page range 61-74

Sander Hermsen