Visual functioning in nursing home residents

Authors Marianne Sinoo, Mia Duijnstee, Helianthe Kort
Published in Journal of Clinical Nursing
Publication date 2012
Type Article


Older adults experience visual problems owing to biological ageing or eye disease. In the Netherlands, the prevalence of visual impairments is the highest in the subgroup of nursing home residents (41.3%). These impairments influence quality of life in terms of limiting daily activities and participation in social activities. Furthermore, 63% of visual problems are defined as ‘avoidable blindness’. For this reason, screening of visual functioning in the nursing home is of major importance. Moreover, visual functioning should also be taken into account to prevent the incidence of falls.

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  • Helianthe Kort | Professor | Research group Technology for Healthcare Innovations
    Helianthe Kort
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Language English
Published in Journal of Clinical Nursing
Year and volume 21 13-14
Key words verpleeghuizen, ouderen, slechtziendheid
Page range 1913-1921