Voor wat en wie het waard is...

Authors Prof. Dr. J. Junggeburt
Publication date 2004
Type Report


As labour is becoming more and more knowledge controlled, it also getting closer to the individual person. We sometimes seem to forget this. To an increasing extent it is becoming a part of oneself and therefore of the personal identity. The increasing humanization of labour asks for an HRM-policy and an organizational context in which the individual is able to identify with the organization, colleagues, customers/clients and product. Heterononimous or abstract organizations, organizations in which the employees and civilians have been reduced to numbers and in which there is no real consideration for the individual differences, have to make way for organizational structures in which the individual feels (self) responsible again. The future lies with personal, tribally inspired organizations in which managers will be leaders and where employees and managers can show social commitment. Images like that of: the egocentric boss who by making swift career moves avoids responsibility for employee/co-worker and customer/client; of colleagues taking the day off without consultation or who are putting their phone through to someone else without saying so beforehand, meeting rooms which are not being cleaned up after use and the image of a Xerox machine not being refilled up with paper by anyone, are all too frequently dismissed as not being part of productivity.

Language English