Anne marie Twigge

Anne-marie Twigge

Teacher Creative Business

My core values are curiosity and creativity and over the years I have been constantly adding expertise through work and education. After spending six years in Asia, I returned to The Netherlands and completed my MA in Artistic Research after kickstarting my artistic and visual upskilling in New York at the School of Visual Arts. It is in The Hague at the Royal Academy of Art where I believe to have completed my own expert trifecta across, business commerce, behavioural psychology, and aesthetics. 

My mission is to help companies deliver meaningful experiences that leverage new technology, new organizational structures, and cultural shifts that demand visionary change. I am goal-oriented,
curious and creatively passionate about all that I set my mind to, and willing to take risks in order to capture opportunities and achieve goals, for myself, my clients and the teams that I build and manage. But also, with the students that I work with.

I put these qualities in action every day as a pragmatic leader, in building a human-centric business offering; in motivating teams with humor, humility, and encouragement; and in working with partners to find solutions to business challenges. 

My work travels across many continents and disciplines. I have built a creative and strategic practice that involves concept development, marketing, communications, service design experiments, 
content production and collaboration in teams that include all levels of seniority and expertise.


Anne-Marie is an HU alumnus and says that the HU has in great part been formative at the start of her own career. The HU provided her with a foundation that is later followed by an expansive creative career path that entails a global business acumen, with experience spanning across conceptual ideation and the executing of business models in various forms and in very differing locations. 

Before joining the HU she acted as the interim Managing Director of The Next Women. Here she been able to connect, develop and share creative business design, modelling, and financing opportunities with more than a thousand women entrepreneurs. Her assignment included the design, financing, and the execution of digitizing the longest standing female business network and development programmes for The Next Women. 

Anne-Marie has been working on proposition’s that span across the creative, digital and the humanities in China, India, UK, France, Switzerland and of course The Netherlands. She was the first choice for ING in 2018 as their creative strategist when they and a conglomerate of 14 major global institutions invested 15 million Euros in a blockchain startup proposition servicing the commodity trade industry known now as komgo but also the first creative/artist to be hired by DOW Chemicals in India to challenge their creative business skill in 2013.  

Having been made responsible for Rabobank’s young talent acquisition at the age of 23 she early on understood what development programmes mean for businesses and graduating students. She was the first to utilize real-time cases like the launch of Rabobank Mobiel as content for their business courses to attract the best graduates from universities. Anne-Marie later expanded on this learning working for the professor responsible for the innovation programme for CEIBS (China European International Business School) in Shanghai. Hereafter development has always been an important thread in her design thinking practices when designing across brand, customer, and user experiences. 

She teaches content marketing in the Creative Business programme.

Fields of expertise

  • Creative Business 
  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Content Marketing
  • Artistic Practices


  • BA Business Administration
  • MA Artistic Research
  • Advanced Behavioural Designer