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Beverly Pasian

Teacher International Business
Dr. Beverly Pasian has a 30-year international career in education, research and association leadership. Committed to public interests, she has focused on e-learning projects, privacy regulations and quality-of-life in smart cities. Since 2011, her work at the HU has been as a senior lecturer, thesis advisor and privacy officer.


Beverly Pasian’s career is one of a project management practitioner and researcher. For more than 30 years she has managed, taught and conducted research in the public sector around the world. She has dozens of courses, papers and presentations to her credit along with two master’s degrees (in education and business) and two doctorates (in Project Management (2011) and Business Administration (2023)). A few notable books focus on responsible project management (2022), research methods (2023) and female leadership (2023).

Working with the global team at IIBS is an ongoing highlight of her career with her work on multiple bachelor and masters-level course teams, examination boards and the university privacy committee. Support of institute management has also allowed her to broaden her professional scope even further as she pivots her research focus from project management maturity to smart cities. Investigating the role of projects in maximizing quality of life in smart cities is the most responsible step has taken as a researcher… with the ultimate goal of working directly with companies and cities to do the same.

A citizen of both Canada and Ireland, Beverly is currently active in a global network of smart city projects in Australia, Canada and across the European Union. Expert and leadership participation in professional associations are ongoing including as the Conference Series Chair of the European Technology & Engineering Management Summit (

Fields of expertise

  • Smart cities
  • Project management
  • Research methods
  • Privacy