Christian Vernaschi

Christian Vernaschi

Teacher Creative Business
A multidisciplinary Creative Director who loves crafting beautiful, smart and inspired work with passion for photography, design, motorbikes, winter sports, sailing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Originally from Italy, since a young age, Chris developed a strong passion for photography. Growing up he then moved his first steps into art and design. After having experienced the London vibes as a Freelance Graphic Designer, he moved back to Milan where he progressed his career as an Art Director. During this time Chris had the opportunity to work on important branding strategies and campaigns for large clients such as Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Renault, L’Oréal and many others.

Striving to gain international experience, in 2009 Chris moved to Amsterdam where he set up his own creative studio. He worked for all sorts of international brands and clients, creating brand identities, advertising, commercials, graphic design and creative strategies until in 2014 he joined The Student Hotel as the main and only Creative/Art Director, where he has been in charge of creative strategies, brand definition, art direction, ideation of creative content and quality check across all level of communication for every type of project. And for all types of internal and external communication throughout the entire company, including its sub-brands, The Commons restaurant, TSH Collab co-working space and overall BedTalks events across Europe.

From January 2021 Chris set up my own branding studio and he works with clients in order to create a brand story that will inspire people, not only today but for years to come!

Fields of expertise

  • Branding - Fundamentals of Brand (Course coordinator)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Creative business
  • Influencing the Audience
  • Graduation project coaching

Research themes

Project title The Student Hotel - Website and App
Keywords Creative direction, Art Direction, Wed/App design and development, Content Strategy, Creative Strategy
Years of completion 2020
General project description

The website is designed in order to engage users and offer a full experience of what to expect by booking a room, a co-working space, a meeting room or a table at the restaurant.

The app is the key to get access to the full TSH experience independently of the type of user: guest: student, business traveller, hotel traveller, co-worker, restaurant guest, employee.

Your Role in project

My primary task was to serve as the main Brand Lead contact for our external technology and design partner - Rufus Leonard.

For over a year I’ve supported the development process by directing the external agency with my personal view of the brand, based on the business requirements.

The main challenge I went through was the complexity of the TSH offer. I’ve personally conducted interviews with each product stakeholders and marketers to understand heir needs and instruct them on the way the design studio should be briefed to be able to work with minimum resources available. On top I’ve overseen every template and single page production to maintain quality and Brand values over all websites.

Other recent projects

Project title TSH Changemakers Challenge 2019 and 2020
Keywords Competition, Creative Direction, Communication, Art Direction, Creative Strategy, Concept
Years of completion 2020
General project description

For TSH it’s important to invest in creating a positive impact in the places they reside and society as a whole. It also feels that its community of students, cares deeply about societal challenges, and has the creativity and knowledge to do something about it.

In teams of 3 to 5 students - of which at least one needs to be a TSH resident - the students work on one business cases of organizations that partnered with TSH. And by doing so, the students have the chance to win a TSH Scholarship.

Main objective: activate students to solve a societal problem that will positively impact society.

Your Role in project

My main tasks has been to mentor and direct external resources and internal stakeholders. In collaboration with the CSR and Impact Manager I’ve defined the creative approach and strategy for the launch of the campaign. For the 2020 edition we’ve identified 5 topics: food, technology, sport, water and fashion with the relevant business cases to choose from. Students can choose any business case to develop and provide their unique pitch.

In order to relate to the purpose of the challenge we’ve focused on making the event itself as much sustainable as possible. At the same time it was launched at the end of Feb 2020 and we have had to adapt to Covid-19 regulations.


  • +20 Pre-submissions.
  • +10 Teams full submission.
  • 10 Finalists.
  • 30 TSH Employee joined the co-creation.
  • 70 Engaged TSH Employee.
  • 9.2 Score grade from students.
  • 9.6 Score grade from business case owners.
  • 8.9 Score grade from TSH employees.
Project title The Student Hotel BrandBook
Keywords Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Concept, Brand book, Brand development
Years of completion 2020
General project description

The book starts from the middle and it divides the brand from the experience into 2 (sub) books. To let people open it from the middle we’ve included an illustrated map that represent what can be found when entering TSH. Scenes are inspired by real activities and events. It also includes iconic characters such as the The Student Hotel’s CEO.

The book is playful. It includes fun elements and 2 small booklet with stories of the people. It also has 2 covers, so it can be flipped around to be read upside down.

Your Role in project

I’ve led the team to foster innovation, integration of technology, different materials and printing techniques to represent the always unfinished Brand natural soul that keeps evolving.

My tasks were to mentor and inspire the team, guide them trough full development of the chapters and find a reliable printing partner that reflects the principles of the Brand - sustainability, innovation and high-end design.

Project title BedTalks Brand Identity
Keywords Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Concept, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Guidelines, Visual Design
Years of completion 2016-2020
General project description

BedTalks’ goal is to help change the world for the better by hosting an event for new and exciting ideas by game-changing individuals, and to connect likeminded people who are willing to help each other out in any way they can.

It all started as concept, with the idea that a bed is an intimate place where our most beautiful dreams and exciting moments happen. And idealistic set-up without any clear premeditated goals, just in the spirit of Johns’ and Yokos’ 1969 bed-in. Start a movement and see what happens.

The brand identity is designed to adapt to every new event and location. In 2019 we’re completely restyled the brand and update it to serve a larger audience.

Your Role in project

I’ve been directing the creative team in order to created a flexible identity that changes for each new event, reflecting the location where it’s hosted, taking inspiration from the local culture and the main theme of the event itself.

My tasks included the over all direction of the branding style, before and during the event production, including the direction of the after movies. All the material produced had to resonate with the core mission of the event: “change the world for the better”.


  • Visual Design Master’s Degree - Scuola Politecnica di Design SPD, Milano - 2003
  • High School Diploma in Scientific Studies - Liceo Scientifico E. De Amicis, Milano - 1997