Dave Chiu

Dave Chiu

Teacher Creative Business
Dave Chiu is an entrepreneur and professional in the field of business modelling/operation management, strategic marketing, and business decision making. His current focus is on algorithmic market analysis in order to facilitate a less biased business decision making and resource allocation.


Dave has acquired BSc in civil engineering from National Yang-Ming Chiao Tung University (former NCTU) and an MBA from the Hague University of Applied Science. He has 11 years of working experience in various fields consisting of commodity, digital media, consulting, and international trading. Currently, he works as Lecturer in the Creative Business department. The course team he works consists of Marketing Principles, New Business Models, Entrepreneurship, Global Scale-up. And the meantime, he also supervises students' thesis writing and work placement.

Business Model (Business model theories and case studies)

  • Identifying the needs of the target audience to construct a suitable business model for a viable, suitable, feasible, and sustainable business operation.

Marketing Principles

  • Teaching students the fundamental knowledge of the marketing approach and framework, which covers general marketing strategy, the role of communication, to the basic branding concept.

Entrepreneurship (Startup Building)

  • Instruct learners conducting field research, business model design, business model validation, financial feasibility assessment, marketing strategy definition, until final startup competition pitches.

Global Scale-up (Client based Go-To-Market Strategy Research)

  • Supervising research groups to conduct market screening, competitor landscape identification, prospect user study, field study, roll-out planning, budgeting, and contingency planning.

Fields of expertise

  • Business Model
  • Marketing Principles
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Scale-up

Research themes

Cross-border/cross-domain market research and scale-up entry rollout. Using the conventional/algorithmic approach to generate useful market insights to prioritize resources allocation and define market entry rollout sequence.

Project title Procurement solution
Keywords Platform, Trading, Supply Chain, Tea, Data
Years of completion 2017
General project description

A non-bias communication channel to facilitate upstream tea sourcing for the seasonal cross-border procurement. The solution was introduced to tea merchants in North America/Europe and tea plantations and growers in Asia. It provided timely and quantified supply data to the merchants.

Traditional tea trading goes through the existing wholesales system, which is effective and convenient in communication, however, the delay in the cross-border supply chain results in the sacrifice of the freshness and the margin in between. The solution was to speed up the communication with standardizing product specifications to shorten the time and distance of the logistics.

Your Role in project Market Manager

Other recent projects

  • Taiwan Business Day –2018/2020 – Utrecht – Coordinator
  • Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce Junior Chapter –2018 to 2020 – Netherlands – Vice Chair


  • BDB – Utrecht University Of Applied Science, 2020
  • Master of Business Administration – The Hague University of Applied Science, 2012
  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering – National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu Taiwan, 2008