Evelyn Bekooij-Westerhoudt

Teacher Creative Business

Evelyn is enthusiastic and committed to her activities as a lecturer, trainer and coach for students, with a focus on interpersonal communication and mindfulness. Outside the HU, she is a dedicated psychologist, sports and empowerment trainer.


Evelyn started at the HU in 2005 as a lecturer in communication courses, and with research activities in the Government Communication Research group. Over the years, she has been a lecturer, trainer and course coordinator in courses, such as corporate communication, interpersonal communication, psychology, diversity skills, event management and research skills. In addition, she has coached students in their personal development, with their study progress, and during their internship and graduation assignment. She coached new colleagues, developed and designed various courses and was the chairperson of the Assessment Committee. Since 2021 she is a key member in the minor Mindful Communication, with courses such as mindfulness based stress reduction, connecting (non-violent) communication and professional practice.

Next to her activities at the HU, Evelyn works as a psychologist in the specialised mental health care, with a focus on psychological trauma, anxiety and personality disorders. She has a special interest in the body & mind connection. Occasionally, Evelyn trains women and adolescents in dealing with aggression and violence. Furthermore, she works as a sport trainer since the 90’s: e.g. concerning dance, kickfun, taekwondo, functional training, and more recently Parkinson boxing. She has worked as a master trainer for kickfun instructors, and for the Taekwondo Bond Nederland as a trainer, member of the Assessment Committee and member of the Curriculum Committee.

Evelyn studied Clinical Psychology, Mindfulness, Educational Sciences and Communication Management, and is qualified as a sports and empowerment trainer. 


Fields of expertise

  • Communication
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  • Professional Practice
  • Graduation Process
  • Student Coach

Key publications

Professional publications

Vos, M., & Westerhoudt, E. (2006). Trendonderzoek overheidscommunicatie 2006; verschillen en overeenkomsten tussen de overheidssectoren. Hogeschool Utrecht.

Scholarly publications
Vos, M., & Westerhoudt, E. (2008). Trends in government communication in The Netherlands. Journal of Communication Management, 12(1), 18-29.



  • Mindfulness Inquiry Workshop, Gentleminds (2023)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, RINO Groep (2023)
  • Boxing Psychotherapy, In2Box (2023)
  • ParkinsonBoXing Coach, Rock Steady Parkinson Boxing EU (2022)
  • Imaginal Exposure Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, RINO Zuid (2022)
  • MSc Clinical Psychology, Utrecht University (2021)
  • Mindfulness trainer, Radboudumc Centrum voor Mindfulness (2021)
  • Connecting (non-violent) Communication, VINE (2021)
  • BSc Psychology, Utrecht University (2020)
  • Minor Psychomotor Therapy, VU Amsterdam (2020)
  • Basic Qualification in Teaching Competency, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (2017)
  • International English Language Testing System (C1-level), IELTS Official (2016)
  • Trainer Dealing with Aggression and Violence, Bureau op Eigen Kracht (2015)
  • English C1, De Taaltrainer (2015)
  • Taekwondo Trainer, Taekwondo Bond Nederland (2012)
  • Test & Assessment Development, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (2012)
  • MSc Educational Sciences, Utrecht University (2011)
  • Student Coach, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (2007)
  • BComn Communication Management, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (2005)
  • Co-trainer Outdoor, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (2005)
  • KickFun Advanced Trainer, KickFun International (2005)