Floor de Groot

Floor de Groot

Teacher International Business
The focus in my educational practice is to empower students to acquire ‘the cultural advantage’. The main area of interest is  longitudinal assessment of professional skills, and intercultural competences for Business Students: international networking skills, leadership and communication. Helping international student teams to develop the professional skills to connect, perform and enjoy in their international projects.


Floor de Groot has experience with and has lived in several countries: Spain, the Netherlands and Namibia. She studied at the Utrecht University, master program Culture, Theory and Philosophy of Film and Digital media. She started teaching communication for Commerce parttime students, and study advice. Then she became a certified trainer in de Galan Method of training, and specialized both in CRM for the cultural sector and international education. She followed and taught several master classes in intercultural proficiency in Canada, France, India and Finland. In the Institute of International Business, she is a course developer, and she looks for the coherence and scaffolding of the several areas in the curriculum committee, professionalizing skills assessment. She has two children, and in her family there are French and Greek roots. In her free time she practices yoga.

Fields of expertise

  • Culture, leadership and intercultural team work
  • Negotiations and commercial communication
  • Professional skills: building international networks

Other projects

Currently researching application of AI in assessing global competences for Senior Assessment Qualification.


  • Senior Assessment Qualification, Hogeschool Utrecht, 2022
  • Senior Education Design Hogeschool Utrecht, 2021
  • Basic Assessment Qualification Hogeschool Utrecht, 2020
  • Masterclass Assessing Internationalized Learning Outcomes, EAIE. Bordeaux, France, 2018
  • Certification Intercultural Readiness Check, IBI, 2018
  • CRM and the Arts/ Cultural Industry Leergang Cultuurmarketing/ NHTV, 2016
  • Communication skills Trainer Certification De Galan School for Training, 2013
  • English for teaching purposes Hogeschool Utrecht/Cambridge exam (C2), 2010
  • Masterclass Internationalising the curriculum, Malaspina University, Vancouver Island, 2006
  • Didactics for Hogeschool teaching purposes Hogeschool Utrecht, mei 2004
  • Master of Arts Taal- en Cultuurstudies (Culture and digital media studies) Universiteit Utrecht, 2001