Ghislaine Morales Velez

Teacher International Business
Ghislaine is a lecturer of Marketing, Culture and Collaboration for the International Business Institute. With her business knowledge together with her languages curriculum, she contributes to students’ guidance in several courses. Ghislaine is also an Internship coordinator for second-year students.


After finishing her studies in English, Literature and Culture (Bachelor); Marketing and Advertising(Higher Education) and Neuromarketing (Master), Ghislaine gained experience in teaching applying all her academic knowledge. She also worked as a Digital Marketing specialist. She achieved certifications that reinforce her proficiency in languages such as Spanish, Catalan and French. At HU University of Applied Sciences Ghislaine is a lecturer in the International Business program. Another responsibility besides being a lecturer is coordinating internships.

Fields of expertise

  • Marketing Tools
  • Culture and Organization
  • Mastering Collaboration
  • Personal Branding


  • Bachelor’s Degree in English Studies and Culture
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Master in Neuromarketing