Giancarlo Pazzanese (he/his)

Teacher Creative Business

Chilean-Italian living in the Netherlands since 2003. Artist, designer, educator, and communicator. Creative coach. Lecturer Creative Business, Fashion Business & Fashion Design. Talks about art, innovation, fashion tech, digital fashion, metaverse and sustainability.


I am a lecturer with expertise in communications, marketing, fashion history, fashion business, digital media, design thinking, and new technologies. I'm also passionate about sustainability, academic publishing, and diversity & inclusion, which I incorporate into my teaching and creative work.
I explore social, cultural, and political issues like gender fluidity, gender equality, and critical thinking and infuse these topics into my lectures and creative projects. As a Diversity and Inclusion trainer and creative coach, I strive to make a positive impact on my students.

Recently, I completed a master's degree in education & innovation, where I focused on integrating digital workflows into analogue fashion curriculums using design thinking and blended learning. I'm also interested in making academic assessments more inclusive for neurodiverse students.
In 2020, I took on a personal challenge to refrain from purchasing physical garments for 15 months and instead designed a digital-only fashion collection for This experience inspired me to run a speculative design studio for virtual fashion called Dis_placed Studio where I explore the possibilities of augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence through collaborative workflows.

My goal as a lecturer is to inspire and engage my students to reach their full potential. I bring a friendly, approachable demeanour to the classroom and strive to make each student feel seen and heard.

Fields of expertise

  • Contextual Studies
  • Digital design
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Fashion Business & Fashion Design
  • Sustainability communications


Scholarly publications


  • Master in Education & Innovation. InHolland University of Applied Sciences. 2022. 
  • Creative Coach Diploma. De UpStarter. 2018
  • Curatorial Program Het Proces. Cultuur+Ondernemen. 2009
  • Multimedia Project Management Diploma. Universidad Del Pacífico. 1999
  • Bachelor in Visual Arts. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. 1998