Ivonne Dekker

Ivonne Dekker

Teacher Creative Business
Lecturer and coordinator of the minor Media Psychology, courses related to Media and Media Culture, and designer and facilitator of the annual Virtual Exchange Project with partner universities abroad. Employed at the University of Applied Sciences since August 2011, as a lecturer in the Program International Communication and Media (ICM), subsequently rebranded as Creative Business.


Since entering the job market, Ivonne has been actively involved in Education and Training, lecturing in a vocational environment, (Roodepoort College), an academic and research environment (Monash South Africa, a satellite campus of Monash Australia), and 10 years at the Hogeschool Utrecht (Creative Business), a 4-year English taught Bachelor Programme, in a blended/hybrid learning environment.

Ivonne started her career as a primary school Teacher in South Africa, after completing a four-year, full-time teaching qualification. Subsequently she completed a bachelor (1987) and a master’s degree (2010) in the field of Communication at the University of South Africa and accepted a teaching position, first at a vocational tertiary institution (Roodepoort College) and subsequently at Monash South Africa, a satellite campus of Monash Australia, where she taught Communication and Media Related courses for 5 years. In 2011 Ivonne relocated to the Netherlands and joined the International Communication and Media (ICM) Program at the Hogeschool Utrecht. In 2015 she obtained a PHD from the University of Tilburg in the field of Media Studies. In the ICM Program Ivonne was the graduation coordinator and the year 4 coordinator for 3 years. She was also the project manager for the year 4 curriculum which was redesigned and ran successfully for 4 years, before the program was rebranded as CB and the curriculum redesigned. She taught a diversity of courses media related courses ranging from year 1-year 4. In 2013 she conceptualized, and with a team of lecturers developed the minor Media Psychology which has grown from 1 class annually, to 5. The minor is currently on offer at KOM and attracts students from across the Netherlands.

In 2020 Ivonne (second editor) published a collection of edited research papers as a book with 2 previous colleagues Dennis Nguyen (first editor) and Sergul Nguyen (third editor) with Palgrave. In December 2021 the fifth, 7-week COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) project with universities from Poland, Finland and Spain was successfully completed and during this month Ivonne was appointed as a member of the Assessment Committee and as a member of the “raad van advies” for Trainingen voor Virtuele Internationale Samenwerkingsprojecten (VIS) initiated by Nikolien van Lidth de Jeude.

Fields of expertise

  • Course coordinator: Cyberpsychology and Mass Media and Persuasion (Minor media Psychology (Pitched on year 3 level) and Framing in the Media, elective year 2.
  • Lecturer: Media Culture, year 1, Cross Media Fundamentals, year 2, courses from the minor.
  • Curriculum design: The minor Media Psychology.
  • Assessment BQE qualification.
  • Collaborative International Virtual Exchange Projects (Universities abroad; Australia, Poland, Finland, Spain).

Research themes

Research focuses on framing effects in the Media, Media Culture and Virtual Exchange.

Project title Understanding Media and Society in the Age of Digitalization
Keywords Media and society, digitalization, research methods, media culture, Digital communities, public discourse.
Years of completion 1
General project description This book offers insight into diverse research perspectives on highly relevant issues in contemporary media and society, which have been fundamentally transformed by digital technologies. The main goal id to illustrate how different research practices and methods lead to a broad spectrum of approaches in Media and Communication.
Your Role in project Second editor and reviewer of collection of research papers published in this book.

Other recent projects


Project title Educational Project (COIL)
Title of the exchange: Towards a More Sustainable Future: New Trends in Tourism
Short description: Exploring new tourism trends in Finland, Holland, Poland, and Spain and designing a virtual city break in four European cities (Jyväskylä, Leon, Poznań, Utrecht).
Duration and completion: October-December 2021
Nature of the project: Virtual
Role: Designer/facilitator

Future project:

Project title Trainingen voor Virtuele Internationale Samenwerkingsprojecten (VIS).
Project Manager: Nikolien van Lidth de Jeude, MSc Senior Advisor Internationalisation
Role: member of the board of advice (raad van advies) in the capacity of virtual global collaborations.

Recent Presentations:

Project 2021: Presentation IVEC conference
Title: Against all odds: Problem-solving as a critical skill for a Virtual Exchange.
Authors and presenters: Ivonne Dekker, Judit Hahn, Katarzyna Radke.

Project 2020: Presentation UNIcollaboration by invitation (Information sharing)
Title: Virtual Collaboration Finland, Poland and Netherlands.
Authors and presenters: Ivonne Dekker, Judit Hahn, Katarzyna Radke.

Project 2017: Presentation at the “Media conference” in Warsaw, June 2017.
Title: Combining Qualitative and Digital Methods for Exploratory Framing Analyses: The Case of Alternative Video Coverage of the Syrian War on YouTube (To be published in April 202, by Palgrave).

Key publications

Scholarly publications

  • Submitted for publication in 2021 to the journal for Virtual Exchange: Title: Under the magnifying glass: Critical moments in Virtual Exchange. Authors: Judit Hahn, Ivonne Dekker, Katarzyna Radke. (Awaiting the outcome).
  • Nguyen, D. & Dekker, I. (2020). Combining Qualitative and Digital Methods for Exploratory Framing Analyses: The Case of Alternative Video Coverage of the Syrian War on YouTube (To be published in April 202, by Palgrave).


  • 2021 BQE Certificate: Assessment proficiency
  • 2015 PHD: University of Tilburg (Part Time).
  • 2010 Master’s Degree: University of South Africa (Part Time 2 years).
  • 2003 Honours Degree in Communication: UNISA (Part Time 2 years).
  • 1987 B.A. Degree: UNISA, 1987 (Part Time 2 years) Majors: Communication, Education.
  • 2001 Certificate in Corporate Training (with distinction) UNISA.
  • 1980 Higher Education Teaching Diploma: Goudstad Teacher’s Training College (4 years full time).