Jochem Herber

Teacher Creative Business
Passionate lecturer and Team Lead, always open for a (virtual) coffee.


Member of the Creative Business Management team. I have focused a large part of my professional career on Education, Marketing, Brand building and Web3 and I have worked in The Netherlands and Australia. Besides my passion for education, I have a strong passion for anything that is Web3 related and I am the co-founder of a small Web3 foundation (stichting) aimed at creating a more Cordial World.

Fields of expertise

  • Growth Hacking
  • Blockchain for the Creative Industries
  • Marketing

Research themes

I have not done any research since my MSc, where I focused on how trust works in teams.

Other recent projects

Web3 Youtube channel – 2019-2022 – Youtube – One of the team


  • MSc in Policy and Communication Science
  • BA in Sports Management and Marketing