Jolijn van Duijnhoven

Jolijn van Duijnhoven

Teacher International Business
With a focus on entrepreneurial education, I challenge students to to get the most out of their education. Keywords are personal learning, aimed at further development and challenging education.


Together with colleagues, Jolijn create challenging and innovative educational trajectories in the International Business Studies program and the Entrepreneurship minor.

Current tasks
Jolijn has an expertise in the fields of entrepreneurship, cultural anthropology and innovation. She teaches courses in entrepreneurship, intercultural management, personal development, strategic marketing and organizational behaviour. Her teaching activities are mainly characterized by coaching and supervising students.

Coordinator minor Entrepreneurship and minor Entrepreneurship.
Jolijn is responsible for the minor Entrepreneurship (in Dutch and English). Together with a team of teachers and coaches, she has created a challenging minor program that enables students to further develop their entrepreneurial dreams and ambitions and to gain experience with entrepreneurial education in a safe and challenging learning environment.

Coordinator Minor Doing Business in China
As coordination she has further developed this minor program in which the collaboration with the partner universities Wuhan University of Technologies, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Beijing University of Technology is key. It includes the academic collaboration for program development and supervision of the Business project.

Coordination and development semester 4 International Business Studies
For the International Business Studies curriculum she developed the second semester of Year 2 that includes practical (work) experience, personal development and provides students with time and opportunities to explore their professional development, grow their expertise and work independently.

Fields of expertise

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic management
  • Intercultural management

Research themes

Project title

The influence of interaction between corporates and startups within entrepreneurial ecosystems on new business development


Entrepreneurship , Innovation, communities, ecosystems

General project description

This research focused on the interaction between corporates and startups, the conditions of entrepreneurial ecosystems and how this influences new business development. It aims to find out how the conditions of entrepreneurial ecosystems can positively influence the interaction between corporates and startups in order to find out which of these interactions lead to new business development. This will contribute to more insight in the influence of entrepreneurial ecosystem conditions on the interaction between corporates and startups and an insight in which of these interactions lead to actual new business development.

Role in project

PhD candidate


  • HU- TLN – Senior qualification for educational design
  • Universiteit Utrecht - Master Cultural anthropology
  • Fontys Hogescholen -Bachelor Social work